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CARMON is a simple, utility-grade device that reliably transfers heat to wastewater and exploits faster biological reactions of the recently discovered class of Anammox bacteria.

CARMON uses waste’s heat to improve performance and processes at wastewater treatment plants and improves the efficiency of HVACAR facilities.


CARMON FOR WASTEWATERLeverage Heat to enhance MBBR system performance

  • Assuring warm temperatures enhances Anammox bacteria performance for assured and improved de-nitrification
  • CARMON is applicable both for retrofit and new-build projects
  • Rapid, low-disruption, cost-advantaged solution for performance and capability enhancement and for systems facing cold-weather performance challenges
  • Applicable for both mechanical and lagoon-based wastewater treatment

CARMON FOR HVACR Convert any body of water into HVACR heat source/sink

  • Lowers the average condenser temperature for significantly higher Coefficient of Performance (COP)
  • Acts as surface water thermal mass to time shift loads from the afternoon to the evening
  • Improves performance and economics of natural refrigerants